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I wish I had never felt anything.


Forget prayer,
this is where we stand:

Take your mouth
put it anywhere you please.
Your mouth, my stomach
Your mouth, my thighs

I will be all three:
your altar
your holy wine
and your bent knees



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Anonymous said: Did you get raped?

No. Somebody tried. My friends did not stop him.

I thought I was in a safe place. I wasn’t.


I tell myself that I’ll know when it’s right
that there will be someone new
and when he gives me his hand,
I will finally relax mine
from the fist I’ve been holding it in
since October

but I know myself better than this
I am vicious
and in my nightmares,
he walks away with bite marks
and blood dripping from his fingers


Fortesa Latifi

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Anonymous said: What kind of drugs?

What have you got?

the bad thing about cutting your junkie friends who were going to let you get raped out of your life is that now where the fuck are you gonna get drugs

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